Our Projects: Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repairs at Bath and Millhaven Institutions


Public Works and Government Services Canada


Loyalist Township

Project Timeline:

10 months

Project Description

Repairing sanitary and storm sewers at two federal correctional facilities requires careful planning and meticulous project management. In addition to the mix of new construction and reconstruction aspects of the project, the team must work within an operational secure facility.

In November 2021, Morven began this project which includes the installation of 1.1 kilometres of new sanitary and storm sewers on the exterior of the two correctional facilities. These sewers measure up to 1050 mm in diameter and in some areas are up to 6 metres deep.

More than 3 kilometres of existing sanitary and storm sewers (up to 900 mm diameter) will be replaced on the exterior and interior of both Bath and Millhaven Institutions. In addition, more than 65 new maintenance holes will be installed.

This project requires bypass pumping for replacement sewers and over 3,000 cubic metres of rock excavation using hydraulic breakers. Temporary support of existing utilities and interim vehicle bridges for access will also be required.

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