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Kingston Process Metallurgy



Project Timeline:

3 months

Project Description

Constructing a 29 feet deep pit in bedrock within an existing building is no easy task. It requires specialized equipment, adept operators and precise execution. The Morven team was up for the technical challenge presented by Kingston Process Metallurgy.

Over the course of three months, Morven removed the existing building slab, excavated rock and backfilled for the new pit and troughs. The team meticulously dewatered the area, inserted rock dowels and finally constructed a steel reinforced concrete pit and troughs with cast-in frame. Morven’s highly skilled team completed drilling and rock excavation for a 4.3-meter-deep cylinder below the floor of the multiple chamber casting pit. This unique project utilized a variety of specialized equipment including reduced tail excavators, hydraulic breakers and a stone slinger truck.

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