Our Projects: Neilson Store Dock & Shoreline Restoration


Loyalist Township


Stella Bay, Ontario

Project Timeline:

3 Weeks

Project Description

The Neilson Store Dock & Shoreline has been restored with improved safety, accessibility and protection against erosion.

With the timber seawall deteriorating, the shoreline was continuously being washed away. The Morven team constructed a stepped armour stone wall to protect the shoreline and the exposed end of the sheet pile dock.

During the process, a turbidity curtain was installed for all in-water works. Armour stones were placed on a granular bedding to construct the new shoreline wall. The new wall includes 26 precast stone steps, providing safe access to the water. Each step was securely anchored in place to prevent movement.

Not only did this project provide a practical solution to the problem, but it included beautiful upgrades as well. Galvanized handrails were installed along the dock edge and stairway, aging timber benches were replaced with armour stone seating areas and interlocking pavers were removed and reinstalled around the new armour stone wall. Topsoil and hydroseed at the pedestrian entrance provide a warm welcome to visitors.

In addition, a custom designed and built kayak/small vessel launch will be installed in the spring of 2023.

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